Solar Energy

The Solar Energy is a unique line which contains minerals from the Dead Sea. Research conducted worldwide has proven that the minerals in combinations exclusive to the Dead Sea, have many healing properties and are especially effective on oily and problematic skin. The Dead Sea Salts have been used for thousands of years for their therapeutic effect. The Solar Energy line has been specifically developed to harness the amazing healing qualities of minerals found in the Dead Sea.

The waters of the Dead Sea contain different types of chemical elements, some of which are very rare. The effective qualities of the following elements are outlined below:

  • Magnesium - an anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic
  • Iodine - antiseptic and antibacterial
  • Sulphur - antiseptic
  • Bromide - anti-inflammatory
  • Lithium - essential for skin cell activity and reproduction

The natural components of the Dead Sea water have similar properties to the elements which compose the N.M.F.(Nature Moisture Factor) and assist in maintaining the correct level of moisture in the skin's top layer(epithelium). In addition the Dead Sea area contains black Mud, enriched with Ichthyol (natural Iodine). Black Mud in combination with Sulphur and another elements is well known as a treatment for Acne. The Mud dries out excess oil from the skin, while the Sulphur helps to purify any blemishes and infections.

The Solar Energy line consists of the following products:

SOAPLESS SOAP    cleans and removes excess oil from the outer layer of skin and its antiseptic qualities are strengthened by the main active ingredient - Dead Sea Salts;
CAMPHOR LOTION for topical application only and is especially effective on individual blemishes. Main ingredient is camphor which has antiseptic and antibacterial properties;
GEL soothing gel to treat irritations, dryness and redness;
MUD MASK optimizes skin moisture level while reducing oily secretions, shrinking pores, curing infections, drying pimples and invigorating skin through the use of Dead Sea Mud;
ENZYMATIC PEEL removes dead cells from the outer layer of skin and helps to refresh the skin promoting a young and healthy look.