Aloe Vera

For all skin types
ALOE VERA is a refreshing and soothing skin care line which helps to support skin's natural self renewal process, increase cells energy, provide moisturizing factor and boost cell renewal.

The main ingredients are desert plants concentrates, which stand out in their ability to retain moisture, sooth inflammations and renew skin tissues. The formula features Artemisia, Myrrh Oil and the key ingredient: pure concentrate of the Aloe Cactus, known for its therapeutic qualities, moisture protection and tissues repair ability.

Aloe Vera is a desert plant with glowing red bloom. It has been used by cosmetic science as a main ingredient for formulating skin care products due to its therapeutic qualities.

Aloe Vera components and qualities:

1. Contains 18% Aloin which helps to heal and sooth all skin burns, especially sun burn irritations.

2. Contains Mucopolysacharides, anti irritation agents and chlorinates.

3. CLYCOSIDE 10 ALOEMODIN is the main Mucopolysacharide.

4. Using the plant for cosmetic purposes results from its botanical properties, some of which have evolved through centuries of acclimatization.

5. Aloe Vera grows in deserts without water. Even in biblical times it was known as a plant, which is able to survive for a long time without water. It retains the water (water = moisture), induces controlled removal of oils, accordingly it is suitable for all skin types.

Ingredients Properties Benefits & Results
Squalane Natural oil extracted from olives. Penetrates the skin rapidly, increases skin elasticity and promotes the penetration of other active materials.
Shea Butter Extracted from shea nuts. Contains high levels of unsaponifiable sterol. Increases tissue elasticity. Decreases strech marks. Nourishes the skin and leaves it smooth and supple.
Aloe Barbadensis Extract Aloin, Polysaccharides. Calming, Anti-inflamatory, Moisturizer
Algae Polysaccharides. Proteins, amino Acids, Natural Iodine. Moisturizer
Commiphora Myrrha Oil Typical Resins & Gums mainly `&b&y Comiphoric Acid, Triterpenes & Steroids. Also Contains: Glucides & Phenols & Proteins & Essential Oils. Antiseptic, Anti Ulcers, Calming, Astringent, Cell Regeneration Stimulant.
Artemisia Absinthium Extract Contains: Artimisins-an Aromatic Oil which inhibits histamine formation. Also contains: Cineol, Thujone and Chlorogenic Acid. Calms the skin, Anti-inftamatory, Anti-Alergenic, Astringent.
Avocado Oil Special Fraction of Avocado Oil, enriched in 25% of phytosterols also known an phytoestrogens. Penetrates easily into deep layers of the skin resulting in deep action against skin aging. Increases elastin formation and skin thickness. Produces smooth, healthy skin.
The ALOE VERA line consists of the following products:

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