The injection free alternative

We realize Botox works. We have seen many celebrities looking younger after a series of shots. We understand how it works: every facial expression creates a crease and over time this crease turns into a wrinkle. By relaxing the muscle and preventing facial expressions, like a smile or a frown, we avoid the crease and the consequent wrinkle.

Your facial expressions are causing wrinkles!
The discovery that millions of muscle contractions are the cause of wrinkles is a scientific breakthrough for the future of skincare. Every single one of the facial expressions every day is causing a wrinkle, every smile is damaging! What if a serum could relax your muscles and give your face a more calm and youthful look? This is where the revolution starts!!!

The Secret Behind BIOZON-A
Biozon-A serum is comprised of two of the most innovative active ingredients known in cosmetology today: Argireline and Antarcticine. These two synergistically are able to prevent muscle contraction and to accelerate cell growth which will enhance volume and firmness in face lines.

A complex of 6 natural Amino Acids which can prevent facial muscles stimulation and thus to minimize wrinkles depth and prevent new lines formation.

How Does It Work?
Lines are created mainly by over stimulation of facial muscles. Muscle contractions are caused by a protein complex of our skin (SNARE complex) and by chemical signals released from the brain. Argireline mimics one of the proteins in the stimulation complex (SNARE), competes on its position and thus muscle contraction is attenuated. Moreover, Argireline destabilizes chemical discharge. As a result of these two actions over stimulation of the muscles is inhibited, in other words, muscle relaxation is achieved.

A new organism recently discovered in a glacier in Antarctica produced a new ingredient named Antarcticine. This ingredient is a combination of proteins (86%) and sugars (14%), vital for the regular function of the cells. This glycol-protein has proved to be a satisfying cosmetic ingredient: it is easily applicable on the skin, prevents dryness and protects against extreme climatic conditions. But the great advantage of the new ingredient Antarcticine is in its ability to cohere the upper skin layers, especially the folding of the interkeratocytes lipids.

AC ANTIQUE CORAL presents the alternative to Botox
Biozon-A Serum is a cosmetic breakthrough: a pleasant active serum that can significantly reduce age signs and prevent premature aging. Clinical tests show up to 50% decrease in wrinkles in 30 days. And it is not just a matter of fine lines! Results show a considerable improvement in the appearance of deep lines formed years ago. Imagine a smoother softer skin in just 30 days!

Effective complex, dermatologically tested and proven
The complex of Argireline and Antarcticine has undergone rigorous testing in a controlled environment. Volunteers were tested over a thirty day period and a silicon imprint of the eye contour was taken (before the test, after 15 days and at the end of the 30 days period) to verify the findings. The results were literally amazing. The test proved that the complex reduces the appearance of wrinkles up to 50% in 30 days, with an average improvement of 30%. The evidence is these images taken by a confocal laser and they show a visible improvement in wrinkle depth after only 30 days!

Before 15 days 30 days

Scientific proof: these photos were taken by confocal laser and show up to 50% improvement in the appearance of lines.
Can a serum be better than Botox?
Yes and here are the results: the innovative Biozon-A complex proved to reduce the appearance of wrinkles up to 50% in just 30 days. Sounds remarkable, but the amazing thing about Biozon-A innovative serum is that unlike Botox the cumulative effects become more obvious every day! With Biozon-A you look younger with every passing day.