Male Image

My philosophy is that men’s fashions and fashion-awareness is more sophisticated and subtle than assumed by many image consultants. Whereas women try to distinguish themselves by standing out, men distinguish themselves by conforming to expectations through a detailed knowledge of conventions and etiquette. They are more critical of themselves and are highly motivated to refine their knowledge and taste. In many respects they make dream clients.

Fashion Where do you draw the line between conformity and being a boring dresser? Or where do you draw the line between fashion paradigm and fashion parody?
There are three main tiers in men’s fashion: formal wear, business wear and casual dress. Formal wear requires the highest level of conformity; casual wear is at the other end of the spectrum. Understanding the nuances of conformity in formal wear is essential to presenting yourself at your best. But when dressing casually, its important to have a look that is not dated and that is right for your lifestyle. Business wear is also a challenge: you need to find your own style that is not too different but distinctly your own. Fabrics, styles and colours are discussed in depth.

Hair How do you balance what I want to look like with what I need to look like for work and how I can look, based on my hair type?
Men’s hair issues are not easier than women’s. There is style in the abstract, there is life style and career in the practical and there are limitations based on hair type. Many men wish they could have a certain style that they like but have the wrong hair type to sport the look. Also, there are opportunities for experimentation by shaving…or not. And there is also too much of a good thing: the unibrow, nostril hair and ear hair. Learn about how your physique and body proportions determine what looks best for you. Improve your awareness of what turns on other people…and what can turn them off. Pick up time saving tips to get you looking your best in the shortest amount of time.

Makeup made by Sandra Zilberman

Makeup Makeup for men? For me?
Make up is about enhancing your natural features. Looking your best can be achieved by the subtle use of new products on the market that are made for men who want to look their best, not to look less masculine. Find out what is available and what is right for you without having to open your wallet to a salesman first.

Fitness What are my priorities? Weight management, muscle tone, stress relief or social recreation?
Fitness is one area where you are always a winner no matter what your focus. However, there are opportunities for men to maintain a level of fitness strategically that enables them to achieve multiple objectives simultaneously. A fit man always looks better than an unfit man wearing the same outfit, so learn how to enhance your image through a fitness régime. Also learn about the politics of fitness clubs: where to join, what questions to ask before joining and what benefits you can expect as a club member.

My Mission: Men want image consulting that is relevant to them. Women’s image consulting does not address men’s particular needs. I am not trying to convince skeptical men about the benefits of image consulting. Instead, I have developed a program of analysis and training that is designed to complement the interest my male clientele already have in maximizing their personal image. A strong image is a powerful tool and a sound investment. Change the way you see yourself and you will change the way others see you.