Secret of Charm

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered what makes him or her look so good? Why do some people look successful, or seem so relaxed?
Sandra Zilberman has done just that and the fact is that everyone can refine their own look.

Sandra Zilberman

Sandra is an image consultant and she offers image seminars to actualise your potential. She is a graduate from two Art Academies and is a member of the Skin Care Therapy Institute. A former make up teacher, she has been involved in the fashion business and has competed throughout Europe. Her exposure to the fashion industry through the Art Academy, L’Oreal England, Molson, Sposa Magazine and in the Toronto Film Industry have honed her skills of observation and physical enhancement.

Sandra runs her own spa in the city’s fashionable Yorkville district, where she also imports an exclusive line of professional skin care products. Her dream is to open an art gallery for budding talent.

Participants in Sandra’s image seminars are engaged in three separate seminars. The first is a consultation that focuses on an individual analysis of participants. The second seminar is an advanced make up class for women. For male participants, there is an alternate seminar on etiquette and a clothes advisory. The third seminar is a shopping seminar where the participants learn about budgeting, where to shop and what to buy, all geared to their individual budgets and tastes.
If you look good, you feel self-confident and other people notice.
When asked what impelled her to become an image consultant, Sandra replied, “I like to give people the tools to make them develop themselves to their fullest potential”. In a sense, she has moved her canvass from the easel to the body itself. Sandra brings to her work a worldliness that goes beyond taste; her clientele not only look great but are primed to take their place in the public theatre.