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Image Seminars
It is an intensive and enjoyable course that balances theory with practice
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Image Seminars
Sandra’s image seminars run over a three day period to give an intensive and enjoyable experience that balances theory with practice, relying on her knowledge of the fashion industry and her observation of each participant.

Seminar # 1

Participants learn how to:
  • create their own image,
  • find a new look,
  • understand and experiment with colour,
  • appreciate the elements of charm and style.
Topics covered include:
 1. Skin Care consultation; skin type analysis, basic skin needs, product recommendations
2. Make up over; how to dress, which colours to choose, hair styles; make up introduction, etiquette
3. New fashion opportunities and image evolution
Duration: 3 ½ hours


Seminar # 2

Participants learn how to:
  • choose the right makeup look
  • select the right makeup products
  • apply makeup effectively
  • package the image
Topics covered include:
 1. Daytime makeup
2. Evening makeup
3. Fantasy makeup
4. Personalised consultation on wardrobe, accessories, diet and fitness
Duration: 6 hours

Seminar # 3

Participants experience a guided shopping day.

Topics covered include:
 1. How to budget
2. Where to shop
3. What to buy
4. When is a sale a deal
5. Tips on talking with sales staff
Duration: 1 day